Where's the Beach // Here's the Ache

by As a Lark

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Recorded between Autumns 2014 and 2015,"Where's the Beach // Here's the Ache" is, to me, about accepting the people we used to be, and the understanding that things change, we change. It's about trying to glean lessons from your screw ups, and putting the weird parts of your life in context so people can understand you in a sort of anti-hero way even if they aren't personally a big fan.

And as much as all that, it also represents us and our relationship to each other in that time. We've been in a band together for fourish years with moderate success and sometimes, even when you're doing something you love, it starts to get a little tired and frustrating. We found ourselves on a sort of unspoken hiatus after a disastrous show (the inspiration of "I Am the Snake In My Boot") and that hiatus became stretched as we all dealt with personal change and hardship. However, and most importantly, we found our anchors in each other, our music, and ourselves, and we pulled together to create something truly great. Sort of like how "Brand New Eyes" is the best Paramore album because they almost broke up while they recorded it, you know? I probably should have went with "Abbey Road" but whatever.


released October 24, 2015

As a Lark is Jordan Berry, Alec Bretzloff, Chris Salk, and Jim Harrington.

Written by Jordan Berry and the rest of As a Lark.
Recorded and mixed by Alec Bretzloff.
Produced by Alec Bretzloff and the rest of As a Lark.
Mastered by Alex Nouhan.



all rights reserved


As A Lark Ypsilanti, Michigan

They have more elaborate calls than most birds, and often extravagant songs given in display flight. These melodious sounds (to human ears), combined with a willingness to expand into anthropogenic habitats — as long as these are not too intensively managed — have ensured larks a prominent place in literature and music. ... more

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Track Name: Heartland
We sat in front of the street light we smoked and talked at
And reminisced about the times we used to smoke and talk and
Sit in front of the street light we smoked and talked at
It feels the same now but just a little different

The problems are the same
They just have different names

If I could go back to when I was younger
Would I even change a thing?
Sure, I’ve got regrets
But they brought me here so they can’t be too bad

I miss blazing down the backroads of my hometown
Music blaring, J rolled up, windows rolled down
I was free back then in a way that I’m not now
I was a modern asshole cowboy or something
Living hit to hit, round to round
I was free back then, I was American
I was free back then, I was the middle and the end

I was free back then
I was free back then
I was free back then
I was free or something

And if I could go back
If I could go back
Track Name: Halloween Three and Four
Sometimes my mind goes back in time from time to time
I didn’t realize until I realized that things aren’t always cut and dry
And that’s okay and that’s all right, I’m here for you while you cry
Tomorrow you’ll text, “I’m sorry, drunk,” and I’ll reply
“Nbd, we good yo,” or “Hey, it’s fine”
Whatever feels right at the time

How am I supposed to swim upstream
With all these ghosts following me?

The crescendos they were stirring
The movements were goddamn literary
But the soft spots were depressing
And the fortes they were petty when they should have been profound
But all that doesn’t matter now

Touching shit while wearing a rubber glove still feels like touching shit
And pissing on some ashes don’t make that match unlit

There are things that we both wish we didn’t have to live with
There are things that we both wish we could have done different
There are things that we both wanna do but know that we’d regret
But the river of life goes on, and it’s taking us with it
Track Name: Are You There Beyoncé? It's Me, Feelings // When Jay-Z and Beyoncé Leave This Madness Behind and Start a New Society in the Desert, Do You Want to Go With Me?
And I’ve been wondering if electric sockets
And car keys plug in because so do we
And I’ve been wondering
If I got into you because you got into me
And I don’t remember the circumstances
Or what you said
And I’m sorry for that

But it made me feel like my life might not be over
I spent the whole summer in solitude
Yeah, me and 20 B, we ruled the shit hole we called home
But it sure felt nice to not be sleeping alone

It must be understood that I wasn’t in love either
I just thought that if you wanted we would walk wayward together
It was respect for a friend, for an unspoken tradition
Or, you know, somebody that I knew, know, knew, but we both know

Sometimes hearts are supposed to heal alone, now aren’t they?
Sometimes hearts are supposed to heal alone
Sometimes hearts are supposed to heal alone
At least ours are
Track Name: I Am the Snake In My Boot
It’s always cold as Hell
That connotation reverse just works so well
And I’ve been living these placeholder days
Like a robot, robotically, frighteningly close to the same way
I always kinda sorta expect-dreaded life would end up feeling like
Wake up do what’s absolutely necessary, then all I have to do is survive the night
All I have to do is survive

But that’s not meant to be an excuse
I did some shit that’s been hard to own up to
The shows and parties I’d avoid feeling freaked by
Throwing my whole fucking life into a blur
To clean up later

But I’m not gonna defend
Nights I don’t remember or ones I can’t forget
No, I’m not gonna defend
Or make excuses for acting like a shitty human
Just wanna sorry, it’s something on which I’m working
Track Name: The Winter Won
The winter won
And I’m just gonna sit here and hope that I unthaw
Before the snow melts and the city floods
And I’m out of excuses, and I’m out of blood

Drained, like all my money
The lights, the loans, the lists the lease
Drained, like all my energy
The fifths, the fourths, the forty hour weeks

And these three degrees are starting to feel warm to me
So reach out, start loving
The cold, the cold is coming

The winter won
And I”m just gonna sit here and hope that I unthaw
Before the train comes so it can sing me to sleep
I’ll need all the rest I can get
Track Name: The Highest Point in Hartland
I can see everything from up here
The places that I used to spend my days
The past, present, and almost the future
Man, it’s so weird to be back here

And I’ve hit rock bottom
I felt the floor crack
And I’ve been to Heaven
I’ve been to Hell and back
And after all of that

There’s only one thing I know for sure
When you think you’re good, always take one more
It’s important to remind yourself you’re not a part of this world

Oh, I can see everything from up here
Our high school, your house, that river
The inclines and the descents
The perfect days and the perfect regrets
The things I don’t remember
And the things I can’t forget